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Presenting Themanyphacedgod

Thursday, December 15, 2022


The Artist.

Themanyphacedgod (b.1995) is a self-taught digital artist based in Accra.

Growing up, his father had dreams of his son becoming a lawyer, however, he decided to continue pursuing his passion for creating art and graduated from the University of Education, Winneba with a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design.

Inspired by artists such as Ian Quhachi, Pablo Picasso, and Jean-Michel Basquiat, Themanyphacedgod has gained popularity online by drawing famous faces such as Black Sheriff, Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar in a neo-expressionist style that presents a chaotic but rich visual journey.

In his own words:

“I love to explore and visualize things from different perspectives, art is one of the most exceptional and diverse subject that allows ones ideas to be expressed through several mediums with no restrictions and it is not just an expression, but a gateway into our society.”

In this exhibition, Themanyphacedgod explores what it means to be consistently unconventional and how freedom can be found on the other side of defiance. Unnormal should challenge the viewer to create their own definitions of themselves without the constraints of religion, family, society or tradition.

Follow him on Instagram: @themanyphacedgod


All artwork is for sale. Please note that the prices on the day of the event are exclusive to the Thursday Lates event and will be different when purchased online and/or after the event

The Art.

Lustre Paper, 23.4″x33.1″
Edition: 5 + 1 AP

Lustre Paper, 23.4″x33.1″
Edition: 5

The Kubolor
Lustre Paper, 30″x35″
Edition: 10

Gye Nyame
Lustre Paper, 23.4″x33.1″
Edition: 10 + 1 AP

Fighting My Demons
Lustre Paper, 30″x35″
Edition: 8

Virgil Abloh
Lustre Paper, 30″x35″
Edition: 3

Lustre Paper, 23.4″x33.1″
Edition: 10

exhibition set up

The exhibition set-up is a collaboration between production designer JoJo Temmeng and Trybe.

Themanyphacedgod’s work is incredibly expressive and we wanted to share his thought process using quotes from the artist himself, some from other artists he admires such as Picasso and other influential voices who have written or spoken about freedom and identity.

We choose to pin them to ropes because ropes tie us down. They bind us to traditions and cultures, religions, people and rules we have outgrown. They make us a slave to masters we didn’t choose.

But the characters themanyphacedgod paints belong to a group of people who have chosen to use that same rope to climb out of society’s confinements.

If you’ve been to Thursday Lates before, you’re probably aware of how windy it can get. The stones we’ve used are not only acting as an anchor against the wind, but they represent how the artist is staying grounded in his beliefs. His words are firm and are here to stay, they are rooted into the earth.

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