We’ve tried our best to answer any questions you might have. If you still have an unanswered question email us at hello@trybe2-svd205expw.live-website.com

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Trybe is a platform built to enrich, improve and ease the lives of creatives by solving their biggest problems.

Yes, it’s free to use Trybe to search for events, opportunities and more. Our curation services come at a cost.
If there are ever any changes to our pricing we will communicate them on our website and socials.

Trybe is for all African creatives. However for our events and TIWF posts we focus on Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya and South Africa.

Yes, all of our payments are collected using Paystack. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Mobile Money.

Yes, we use DHL to send artwork abroad. The receiver pays for the cost of delivery.

Click the link to apply to our Thursday Lates Open Call.

Contact us at partnerships@trybe2-svd205expw.live-website.com to become a sponsor for Thursday Lates.

Sure, let us know what you need using the link.

Of course, send the link and/or details of the opportunity to opportunities@trybe2-svd205expw.live-website.com

Sure, send us an email  at events@trybe2-svd205expw.live-website.com with a link to the event and/or more details.

We’d love to. Please email us on TIWF@trybe2-svd205expw.live-website.com with details of the space, high quality images and relevant links.

Sure, drop us an email on hello@trybe2-svd205expw.live-website.com.


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