Today I’m Working From…  hFactor. Lagos, Nigeria

Today I'm Working From

Lagos, nigera 🇳🇬


We know it can be difficult to find spaces to work from as a creative. That’s why we’ve created a series of posts sharing the best creative spaces in Nigeria for you guys to do what you do best.

This week in Today I’m Working From (TIWF) we’re in Lagos, Nigeria in a space that you can do literally whatever the f*ck you want to do with it. (Their words not ours)

Who: hFactor

What: hFactor are a creative collective who transform underutilized spaces into creative hubs, and engage local communities and artists to build valuable products, services, and experiences.
Not all of us are the type of creatives we need a desk and wifi to work. Some of us need a space that’s as flexible and diverse as the work we do.

Where: Lagos, Nigeria

Opening Hours: Mon- Sat 11-7pm

Features of this creative space:

  • Prices depends on usage
  • Rooftop space with panoramic views of Lagos Island
  • You can have exhibitions, parties, seminars, installations, workshops, screenings, DJ showcasess, pop-ups, live performances, jam sessions, dinners and anything else you can imagine.

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