Trybe is a platform built to enrich, improve and ease the lives of creatives by solving their biggest problems. 

We do this by providing you with opportunities to make money, advice, tools and a platform to make your creative experience less stressful.

We also curate exhibitions, consult for brands and conduct surveys on the creative industry.


We Are Committed to solving african creative's biggest problems

When we started Trybe, our plans were to create a marketplace. But after months of research spent speaking to creatives across the continent, we realised that there were so many more issues to be worked on before we built the ‘Fiverr for Africa’.

Creatives need to be paid on time, they need to know how to sell their work, they need better portfolios, access to opportunities, and training. The list goes on…

We know we can’t solve these problems alone, and we know it’s going to take a while for real change, but we’re patient and we’re confident the rewards will be worth the wait.

Values we live by



Providing tips, tools, advice and inspiration to enrich your life.



Making your life easier by serving you curated opportunities based on your skills and location.



Improving the creator economy and meeting Goal 8 of the UN's SDGs

Our Services

Everything we do is to make your life easier. Check out our services for more info.

find Creative opportunities

We want to make it easy for you to find creative opportunities. Whether you’re a dancer, writer or photographer- we’ll have an opportunity for you.

Discover Creative events

Looking for creative events in your city? Our calendar of events will give you a list of things to do in your city. From exhibitions to workshops we’ve got you covered!

Buy African Art

Our art store has a collection of artwork from all of our Thursday Lates artists. Click the link to buy original pieces from African artists.

Curation Services

From small solo exhibitions to complex group shows & creative projects, we can take your exhibition from idea to reality.

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