5 ways AI can be your best friend

(by someone who spends all her free time on Midjourney)

I’m not saying I’m lazy, but If someone or something else can do something I need to do-I’m going to let them do it. AI tools have been saving me hours and money for the past few years and Midjourney is my latest addiction. But here are some other ways you can use AI to improve your creative life.


Creating visual concepts.

Sometimes you have an idea for a fashion shoot, exhibition set up or makeup look and you can’t find the right inspiration online. I’ve found Midjourney really helpful in coming up with creative concepts that only exist in my mind like this “editorial shot of cyber-futuristic Nigerian queen with long curly hair riding a horse shot on Kodak Gold 200”


Create images you can’t find online.

I work with stock images a lot, and high-quality photos of black people, that haven’t been used 100 times already, are hard to find and/or expensive. So I just create them in (yes, you guessed right) Midjourney.


Summarise meeting notes.

To make sure I’m capturing all the important info on phone calls, I always record, make a transcript and then use tools like Notion or ChatGPT to summarise meetings. In ChatGPT you can use a prompt like “Tell me the key takeaways from this meeting” and copy and paste parts of your transcript. And with Notion, you can ‘Ask AI’ to summarise sections


Write copy with ChatGPT.

Sometimes you know what you want to say but you’re struggling to put it down on paper. ChatGPT can refine your copy, suggest improvements, and provide alternative wording options. ChatGPT actually wrote this whole paragraph for me while I was waiting for my coffee to cool down 😉


Brainstorm ideas with ChatGPT.

Not all brainstorming sessions involve a room full of people, sometimes it’s just you, your laptop and the right amount of prompts to ChatGPT. When I’m stuck for ideas or need an alternative perspective, I can save hours by using AI as a virtual brainstorming partner.

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